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As the fair's website states, Queensferry’s annual Fair has been held in its present form since 1930, when it was revived after some years of absence as a regular event. But its roots date back even further for permission to hold the event was originally granted by King Charles 1 back in the year 1687. The Fair is a week-long event and is organised primarily as a festival of sports and entertainments for the children of the burgh, culminating in the crowning of a Ferry Fair Queen who is chosen from the children of the local primary schools. In recent years, the Fair has opened with a concert, usually held on the Saturday or Sunday immediately prior to Fair week.

During the fair, the whole of the centre of the town is brightly decorated with flags, bunting and banners. In addition many shops and businesses, also private houses, put a lot of effort into decorating their premises. Many activities are organised by the committee during the course of the week: football, boys and girls races, bouncy castles, obstacle courses, quad bikes, face painting, fancy dress competition, pram race, wheelbarrow race, etc. and a variety of live entertainments is provided for the enjoyment of everyone.

Prior to the crowning ceremony on the final Saturday, there is the grand tour of the burgh led by the Queen elect and her retinue followed by various bands, decorated floats and other entertainers. The ceremony takes place on a stage in the middle of the High Street where the Queen is formally crowned by our Gracious Lady who is traditionally a Queensferry born and bred lady well known and respected in the community. After the ceremony, entertainments continue throughout the afternoon and the week finally comes to end with the flag being lowered to the sound of the massed bands playing “Highland Cathedral”


Ferry Fair 2009 (copyright: hockadily)
Ferry Fair 2009 (copyright: hockadily)

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