Whit is Cultural Heritage

Cultural heritage includes the tradeetions or leevin expressions o groups an communities, sic as oral tradeetions, performin arts, social practices, rituals, festive ongauns, wittins an practices anent natuir an the universe or the wittins an skills tae mak tradeetional crafts.

While these micht no be tangible - they cannae be touched – they are a verra important pairt o oor cultural heritage. This is Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH), a leevin form o heritage whilk is conteenuously recreatit an whilk evolves as communities adapt their practices an tradeetions in response tae their environment.

It provides a sense o identity an belongin in relation tae wir ain cultures whilk in turn promotes respect an unnerstaunin fir the cultures o ithers. Fowk play the key role in the creatioun an cairryin forrit o ICH. Communities, collectively are the anes wha mak, cairry an transmit ICH. A community micht share an expression o intangible cultural heritage that is sic an sae tae anes practiced bi ithers.

While ICH expressions can hae either material or non-material ootcomes, the key distinction atween intangible an tangible cultural heritage is that the former are leevin exaumpils o human creativity an ingenuity, embedded in the community.

The approach tae ICH in Scotland is an inclusive approach whilk respects the diversity o Scotland’s communities. It is unnerpeened bi UNESCO’s 2003 Convention fir the Safegairdin o the Intangible Cultural Heritage, whilk is intendit tae raise awaurness o, respect fir, an safegaird ICH worldwide.

Aboot This Wabsteid

This wabsteid biggs oan a previous site developed bi Edinburgh Napier University, fundit bi the AHRC, whilk wis haundit ower tae Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS) in November 2011.
MGS hus developed the new site tae enable greater ease fir uisers when searchin/browsin the site an contributin content.

This site aims tae

  • provide a dynamic record o Scotland’s ICH practices
  • heize up a general awaurness o ICH in Scotland

Aboot Museums Galleries Scotland

Museums Galleries Scotland is the National Development Body fir the museum sector in Scotland. Oor role is tae wark collaboratively tae invest in an develop a sustainable museum an galleries sector fir Scotland, in line wi the aims o ‘Gangin Furder: The National Strategy fir Scotland’s Museums and Galleries.’ See mair...

We wark wi a sector o ower 400 museums an galleries, supportin an enablin thaim tae meet their objectives in a nummer o weys including, throu strategic investment, advice, advocacy an skills development opportunities.

MGS is a non-governmental organisation accredited bi UNESCO as an expert adviser oan the 2003 Convention fir the Safegairdin o the Intangible Cultural Heritage, an an active participant in the ICH NGO Forum.

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