Miller's Family had started doing their Fairgrounds since 19th Century, the man named Christopher Miller were originally came from Horley near Gatwick at Surrey, he began to travel with the Circus around the Country including Belfast, Northern Ireland, on arrival he had a good company of artistics and staff and over 30 Horses and over £300 in hard cash.

One night some very valuable horses were poisoned and this threw Christopher into grave financial difficulties and other horses died from want of proper food, although he did everything possible to win over Irish people and fought from hand to mouth and his efforts were useless and then he had empty pockets and one horse left and it was too much for him and he died of broken heart and laid to rest in Donaghadee, Northern Ireland.

His son Thomas 'Tom' Miller which he was born in 1841 or 1842 in Malton, Yorkshire, he took over his Father's ruined fortunes and continue to fight even harder for his own future with unusual talent and he was a beset, he borrowed his fare and sailed with his surviving horse to Portpatrick, Scotland where he rented an empty Granary and from commenced to retrieve the fortunes and he decided to exhibit an open air, Sir roger the pony did some clever and daring tricks.

Tom was married to Dorothy W Collett and had 10 Children, 9 sons named, Thomas, Harry, Albert, Arthur, Joe, Frederick, Alfred, Charles, Robert and 1 Daughter Lucy and then he traveled around Scotland and England and one year, one of his exhibitions of horsemanship he sustained a fractured skull, the accident being so severe as put to the end of his career as a Circus proprietor and he decided to give public something different, so he introduced First Variety Show as he was a born Jester for many years and continued to travel, then in 9th December 1904, he died at Newton On The Moor near Alnwick, Northumberland age of 63.

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