Lanimer Day

One of the conditions of Lanark being granted a Royal charter by King David I - thus becoming a Royal Burgh - was that the Burgesses of the town were required to examine their ‘March’ or boundaries every year and report back to the Crown. Lanark has carried this out every year since 1140, developing the ‘Land Marches’ into an annual celebration, "The Lanimers".

The Monday evening marches (formerly done on horseback) now draw crowds of people. A Lord Cornet (the Standard Bearer) is chosen every year by Committee and a Lanimer Queen is elected from local schools

The Procession on Lanimer Day, held on a Thursday between the 6th and 12th June, is a big event for the community: schools are closed, people take the day off work and the pubs open early. There are decorated lorries or floats, bands, pageants and various other attractions day and night. Over the 20th Century the celebrations have gradually extended to last a week.

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