Fishermen's Superstitions - Cockenzie and Port Seton

While fewer of the younger generation of fishermen adhere to these, some still feel it is bad luck to mention certain birds, fish and animals either on their boats,at home, or at all. In the fishing villages of Cockenzie Port Seton near Edinburgh these include swans, salmon, pigs and rats. Instead, fishermen will refer to a 'red fish' (salmon), a 'curly tail' (pig) and a 'long tail' (rat).

One man in Port Seton was overheard asking the shop assistant in the local 'store' for matches and "not the ones with the bird on" [Swan Vestas] because they were unlucky.

It was also felt to be bad luck to meet 'the minister' on the way to go fishing and women were not allowed on the boat for the same reason.

This differs - in some fishing communities a pig is thought of as bringing good luck.


Fishermen's Superstitions
Fishermen's Superstitions

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