Choosing It

Below are two examples of traditional playground games in East Renfrewshire:

Choosing It
When playing a game where one person needs to be 'it' or 'on' a chant or rhyme in combination with pointing is often used to make the selection random and therefore fair.

All players put one foot in the middle, toes touching. The person calling chants: Ingle-angle-silver-spangle-ingle-angle A B C D… and so on through the alphabet. For each word or letter they touch a toe going round in a circle, when your toe is touched at the same time as the letter which starts your name you are out and remove your foot. The caller then starts again from ingle-angle. The last person to remove their foot is It. Before starting players should decide if surnames and/or middle names are included. For a quicker version the first person out is It.

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