Musselburgh Festival

In 1935 a group of local people decided to start an 'Honest Toun' (Musselburgh) Association and annual festival which would reflect but not detract from Musselburgh's traditional Riding of the Marches.

Each year an Honest Lad and Lass are elected from several nominees representing local wards and these carry out the traditional duties of the Honest Lad and Lass, leading or being the key figures in the events which make up the festival. Musselburgh's annual festival comprises several events including:

Kirking Sunday
Crusaders' Chase
Sashing Ceremony
Fancy Dress Parade
Saturday Ride Out


Musselburgh 'Honest Toun' Festival (copyright: Eddie Truman)
Musselburgh 'Honest Toun' Festival (copyright: Eddie Truman)

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