Masons' Walk at Rosehearty

Natives of Rosehearty are drawn back to the town for this annual march, doubling its population for the day. 100 to 150 Masons take part, mostly from the local Masonic 'Lodge' but with representatives from other Lodges. The 'Walk' starts from the Lodge and progresses along the route through the town's streets arranged in order of: the March 'Marshall' and Director of Ceremonies followed by the bible bearer with sword bearers, the Pipe Band,junior and senior Deacons, ordinary Lodge members then Lodge Office-Bearers and flag bearers.

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More details can be found in K Campbell, 'The Masons' Walk at Rosehearty'in Review of Scottish Culture Vol 20 (EERC, Celtic and Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh)


Masons Walk (copyright: Paul Gault)
Masons Walk (copyright: Paul Gault)

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