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Knitting groups have seen something of a revival in the last few years. They have been around for a long time, previously being known as "knitting bees" and would often have met in the home of one of the group members. These days knitting groups meet in all kinds of venues from museums to bars to cafes to people's houses. The purpose of the group is for members to learn knitting techniques from other members, to show patterns, to show new yarn and items in progress, adn of course to socialise. Knitters come from all social groups and the internet makes it easier for knitters new to an area to find a group that meets near them. It also means that knitters can find out about techniques from other areas or countries more easily than in the past. The groups are not usually restricted to knitters only, and it is common to find people doing related crafts, such as crochet, at the group. Another change to the membership is that many groups now have men in the group.

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