Herring Queen Festival

Eyemouth’s local Herring Queen Festival takes place in July every year. Started ‘to celebrate the end of the First World War’ it also ‘aims to symbolise the ideals as well as the everyday things associated with the life of a fishing community’ and developed out of the older Peace or Fisherman's ‘Picnic', an annual celebration which ‘came to be looked upon as a local holiday for the fishermen of the town and all connected with their calling. The Festival in modern times focuses around local children (their ‘picnic’, various entertainments and fancy dress) and the crowning of a new Herring Queen. ‘Up to 2001, the Herring Queen was selected by popular vote in the local High School but now a panel of local Townspeople make the selection after nominees have been interviewed’. The Herring Queen is escorted by her ‘Lady in Waiting and trainbearers and by several festival ‘sailors’ from the harbour to be crowned by the outgoing ‘Queen’ at Gunsgreen Basin. The 2010 Herring Queen Festival ended with the traditional Service of the Sea at Eyemouth United Congregational Church.


Eyemouth’s 2010 Herring Queen
Eyemouth’s 2010 Herring Queen

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