I was speaking to my niece recently, age 8, and she mentioned that she plays elastics with her friends and it brought back a lot of memories. It was one of my favourite games when I was at primary school. You play by tying elastic bands together to make a large loop of elastic. It is a game for three people, although I used to practice a lot in the house using chair legs when there were no other friends around. Two players stand inside the loop so they are stretching it relatively taught around their ankles. The third player then performs a series of moves which, after completing successfully, would go on to the next level, with the height of the elastics moving to the knees, progressing to the thighs then waist level and also the moves became harder. If you do not manage to do your jumps correctly play passes to one of the other two players.

One of the moves is jumping in between the elastics, jumping out with one leg either side, crossing your legs with the elastic between them, jumping back into the middle, jump on the elastics with one foot on each side, jump back in, then jump off and finish. We used to get faster and faster as the game progressed. I also remember doing something tricky which created a diamond shape but I can’t remember the exact moves. The only chant I remember using for the game is: Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, Inside, outside, inside, on!

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