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" Travelling Showpeople opened Glasgow's first cinemas, operated the rides and stalls at the annual Kelvin Hall Winter Fair and Glasgow Green. As the winter base for over 80% of Scottish show families, Glasgow has the largest concentration of Showpeople in Europe. Yet the unique traditions and histories of this tight-knit community are still unknown to most of the Scottish public."

The quote above was taken from a publication that was produced as part of the Fair Glasgow project. This project was initiated and led by T. S. Beall, Artist and Doctoral Researcher and Dr Mitch Miller, Showman, Artist and researcher. In partnership with The Riverside Museum, The Showman’s Guild (Scottish Section)The Scottish Traveler’s Education Project, Fablevision, and Andrew McAvoy.

As part of the Fair Glasgow project, a Museums Working Group was formed to gather information regarding the influence of Fairground culture in Glasgow over the last century, highlighting the impact of Showpeople’s Heritage on Glasgow’s daily life. Led by members of the Showpeople community working in collaboration with Riverside Museum and Glasgow Museums staff, the Museums Working Group mapped some of the history and heritage of Showpeople, focusing on transportation and the year-round working life of fair culture, their early use of film and animation, and the history of Winter Carnivals and Christmas Fairs in Glasgow.

This section of will be populated by the Showpeople community of Glasgow in an attempt to address the current shortage of information about their culture and heritage readily available to the public.


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